Renaissance Alliance Southeast

Grow Premium. Grow Revenue. Grow Agency Valuation.

Florida insurance agents know the industry, know the markets and know their people. Renaissance Alliance knows agents.

We're built to help agents grow, provide better service and maximize earnings.

With no entrance fees and no exit fees, Renaissance Alliance members can earn more, do more and be more while remaining 100% independent.

Our unique array of benefits includes:
  • Market access and carrier relationship management
  • Higher commissions, superior profit sharing and guaranteed overrides
  • Dedicated marketing and placing services
  • Proprietary technology and agency data insights
  • Training, consulting and back office support from a full-time team of 90+ growth-focused experts
  • Peer support from 100+ member agents, including more than a dozen in Florida.


You owe it to yourself to take the next step in achieving real stability and unlocking your agency growth potential. Contact us today to learn more!